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Unlucky Croft

 Hoping Nick and CMS motorsport were going to change things around this weekend with results saw the team having a unlucky weekend.

Nick was only able to put in 7 full laps the whole day of testing due to a failure on the front wheel bearing and hub which put the car out of action.

"Its just one of those frustrating times as we need to put in as many laps as possible to learn more and more about the car, but unfortunately it was not going to happen this weekend" explained Nick.

Qualifying saw Nick start to put in some times, but saw CMS Motorsport lose out due to other teams changing to new rubber, which this team were unable to do this weekend.

Race 1 Nick achieved a great start and gained 3 places, but was then hit into Tower corner which lost him places and time. Still he managed to finish 11th overall but was left with body and mechanical damage for the team to repair for race 2.

Race 2 Nick was unable to keep the pace due to handling problems with the car, but kept going to find the cause of the problem.

Nick explained "I was so frustrated and tempted to come in to adjust the set up of the car. In its present condition I found the car very difficult to drive, severe understeer with an increasing lack of grip meant to put a good, clean lap together would be impossible."

"Although I knew if I stayed out and tried to get round there was a good chance of getting some points and that's what we desperately need right now and it paid off".

"Unfortunately, we had a very unlucky weekend which we so wanted to be our lucky break...we are still very focused on what we want to achieve and we will get there, but need time in the car which we are just not getting".

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