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Safe driving plays dividends for Brands

With a weekend with no budget and tricky qualifying conditions Nick managed to achieve 2 good results.

"We had to run all weekend on old tyres and could not afford to damage the car, but that's how it was and we just got on with the job".

Qual 1 saw tricky conditions as it was still very damp on track out on the GP section which resulted in a few incidents and very little time for a good lap, but managed to achieve a good 10th on the grid.

In Qual 2 rain in the session and a big accident saw Nick and CMS Motorsport manage to achieve 9th place on the grid.

Race 1 saw Nick get off to a good start, but lack off grip saw Nick drop back places, but still finished a good 10th.

"There was no way we would have been able to keep up with the front pack on our tyres, instead we looked at set up and how the car was handling through different corners".

Race 2 resulted in a similar pattern, but ended with a great race between Mike Doble and Nick for 9th place.

They finished just 0.0094 seconds apart with the advantage going to Nick and CMS motorsports favour.

"We now just need to get some good budget in and get some good pre season testing done for 2006..Its not going to be easy but we really do need a good budget for next year to achieve what we want."

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