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Demanding Thruxton for Leason and Team AFM Racing

It was another great result again as Leason and Team AFM Racing continued their progress at the demanding Thruxton circuit. Leason again managed to finish all three races gaining valuable development and points for the team…

The Team managed to get out for raceday despite a broken engine mount and damaged subframe which unfortunately was caused in Saturday’s practice.

Leason added” unfortunately we have been having some serious handling issues which we have been trying to resolve which this weekend has pinpointed an achillies heel that has been diverting the attention for us the wrong way. Although we were starting to mix it with the pack, the handling issue became clear at Thruxton for us to see. This weekend has been a positive one even though it has not been an easy one. For this weekend a huge big thank you for all support from fans, BTCC organisers, fellow competitors and teams who helped over this fraught weekend, especially to the Team who from Brands Hatch till now have worked tirelessly to get to grips with the BMW 120d Diesel”.

   Jakob Ebrey Photography
   Nick Leason (GBR) Team AFM BMW 120D

Team Manager Steve Collins added “. Pre season testing till now has been difficult, with not knowing where our problem lay within the car. With this identified hopefully progress should be swift and we can now move forward and resolve this ready for Donington”.. 


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