Nick Leason

News 2002

November 8-10 Final round at Cataluyna, Spain.

The final round has been confirmed as being at the GP circuit of Cataluyna near Barcelona. The circuit is tight, technical with fast corners and has a mile long pit straight. The best place to overtake is to outbrake at La Caixa but it can be rather bumpy.
Nick arrived in Cataluyna to find his team hadn't arrived and his phone didn't work. He eventually teamed up with Boccar and they started testing to find the car was badly misfiring. Nick was starting to think whether this weekend could get any worse!
Qualifying took place on a very crowded circuit with group 'N' of the Gt's joining the Lambos. As the Gt's were so much faster Nick and Boccar only managed 31st - not a true position. "It was very confusing and I am not really sure what did happen"
The first race saw even worse news with the gear box only lasting 4 laps.
"I didn't even get to drive!" lamented Nick.
The second race was better though with Nick starting the race and getting up to 3rd in class which is where Boccar finished.
"I always enjoy starting a race and what a way to finish the season with 6th overall out of 18 and 3rd in class and another trophy."

October 19-20 Round 6 Estoril, Portugal

Originally Estoril was to be a three hour endurance but now it is two 50 minute races. The circuit is about 20 minutes from Lisbon and is quite a complicated with mostly right hand corners. Strong sea winds can play an important part.
Two practice and two twenty minute qualifying sessions will be on the Friday and then race 1 on Saturday at 16:40 and race 2 on Sunday at 15:34.

Nick will be having a new partner in the Autovitesse car in Lorent.
"This is going to be different having Lorent as a team-mate rather that Michel", explained Nick, "but we are hoping to have a good result."

Practice session 1 and 2 passed without incident round the 4,183km circuit. In the first qualifying session the car was slower giving them 7th on the grid but in the second session the team slashed their time by 3 seconds to give themselves a lap time only 1.02 seconds off pole and a very well deserved 4th.

Unluckily problems prevented Nick from racing but he has confirmed he will be racing in the last round in Spain.

September 21-22 Pergusa-Enna, Sicily

Round 5 sees the Lamborghinis traveling to the Isles of Sicily off Italy. The road circuit is near Enna in the centre of the island near a lake. It is 4.95 km long in a rough circle with the start now moved to one of the 4 straights.

Unfortunately Nick was unable to race this weekend due to unforeseen circumstances but he will be back out on track at Estoril.

July 13-14 Oschersleben, Germany - 2 more podiums

Oschersleben near Berlin is a fairly new circuit having been completed in 1997. There are numerous corners with 2 main straights. As is the norm with the Lamborghini GTR Supertrophy the team had two practice sessions followed by a late qualifying session on Friday. Racing was again on the Saturday and Sunday.
Practice was fraught with chronic understeer but eventually Nick managed to explain what was required for a good setup and Michel qualified 8th and Nick 7th. "I am really looking forward to the races" commented Nick, "It's really great fun!".
Saturday's race continued with the car still having trouble turning in. Michel started from 8th and then Nick took over at half way and he drove the car hard bringing it home in 5th place overall and 3rd in class. "Nice!" was Nick's comment.
Sunday was even better with the boys finishing 2nd in class. "2 podium finishes in one weekend", said Nick, "Not too bad, eh?".

Jarama June 1st & 2nd June 2002

This round of the Lamborghini GTR Supertrophy sees Nick jetting off to Jarama in Spain to partner Michel Mihtarian again. The schedule of events gives them two 1 hour test sessions (the first test session Nick has had in the car) and two qualifying sessions on Friday. The races are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.
Qualifying was very hot and marred by damage to one of the tyres so Nick and Michel only managed 10th for the first race and 11th for the second.
In the first race Michel started well but after only 6 laps the steering pump exploded, prematurely ending their race.
Nick started the second race and managed to climb to 6th but in the lap prior to the change over he had a puncture. He slowly made his way back to the pits where the wheel was changed and Michel took over and finished in 10th.

Podium and top UK driver in first ever meeting. May 5th 2002

Brit winalambo.com driver Nick Leason got off to a great start partnering Frenchman Michel Mihtarian in a last minute deal in the Lamborghini GTR Supertophy at Silverstone .Leason managed to qualify 9th finished 7th for the first race being the top Brit for race one, and qualified an amazing 3rd in race two to get a podium finish in class and was overall 6th.Leason now plans to partner Mihtarian for the remainder of the season next round being in Jarama.

"This has been a great start to the season and has been a double bonus finishing as the top British driver for race one and to be on the podium for race two" Leason said         (see gallery).

Qualifies 3rd in his first Lambo meeting. May 3rd 2002

Nick gets in the car for the first time at Silverstone today and with his team-mate starts 3rd on the grid on Sunday and 9th tomorrow.
'The car is so fast. I was doing 180mph down the Hanger Straight' he explained, 'but I am having some trouble with the gears'.

Winalambo.com sign Nick Leason

' I am really excited about the huge opportunities that have been placed in my lap' said Nick. 'To be racing against ex Formula One drivers and recent Le Mans contenders is a challenge, but it doesn't phase me . I am out there to win for the team and myself. There's going to be some very red faces out there!'
His teammate should be announced very soon.

Autosport Show Jan 2002

Nick and a Lamborghini were at the Autosport show with the Lambo girls.